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Cullenstone Farm

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The Farm 

Cullenstone operates on Montana Hall Farm, owned and farmed by our family since 1938.  The farm is 700 rolling acres of woods, pasture, and cropland in conservation easement in the northern Shenandoah Valley with a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It is also home to Windfall Ponies.


The farm is easily accessible, situated within 10 miles of Route 81, three miles of Route 50, and seventeen miles of Route 66.


Land and Animal Management

We continually reassess how much livestock pressure is on the pasture in order to ensure good land management and that proper rotation through pastures can be maintained.  This creates the best forage and keeps parasites to a minimum.


About Us

Seth Mackay-Smith grew up nearby on Farnley Farm, known for its Welsh ponies and crosses bred for showing and hunter/jumpers.  At that time it was owned and run by his grandmother, Joan Dunning, and now his aunt, Hetty Abeles, owns and operates Farnley and continues the tradition of excellence his grandmother started.


Sarah Mackay-Smith grew up on on a merino and mohair farm in New South Wales, Australia, where her father now breeds and races Thoroughbreds.


We and our children make up the 3rd and 4th generation of our family to raise and care for horses and ponies on Montana Hall Farm.

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