Questions about boarding with Cullenstone Farm

What is the monthly boarding fee?

The monthly boarding fee is $175.


Will my horse be turned out all day?

At Cullenstone, horses are turned out all the time in herd groups so they are able to engage in healthy equine interactions and all-you-can-eat grazing.  Mature shade trees or run-in sheds are available for protection from the elements and waterers are automatic.  Horses are checked daily.  Horses will only be stalled if in need of medical care. 


Does my horse need any preparation before boarding at Cullenstone?

Yes. Your horse should be up to date on all vaccines before coming to the farm.  It must also have a current Coggins.  This is to protect your horse's health and wellbeing, not because we expect illness to occur!


A boarding application and current photo of your horse must also be supplied before shipping.


How will the change to all day turnout affect my horse?

Depending on how your horse has been stabled or boarded before, you may see some initial changes in appearance.  Horses who have had daily meals and been kept mainly in stalls can take awhile to adjust to their new environment as they "learn" to eat again and as their digestive tracts adjust to their new feeding regimen. 


Will you email me photos of my horse?

At your request, we will email you a monthly photo to help keep you connected with your horse.


When can I visit my horse?

As we are a busy working farm, visiting needs to be kept to occasional scheduled visits.  Liability issues prevent us from being able to allow unscheduled visits.


Do you accept all horses?

Cullenstone Farm will accept ponies, horses, and drafts.  We cannot accept stallions or recently castrated geldings as they can be very disruptive to the herd dynamic.  Your horse need not be old or retiring in order to join us.


End of life questions?

We initially consult with you regarding what you have written on your boarding application in order to be sure that we properly understand your wishes regarding your horse.  We then take care of the details or call you, depending on what you have requested.


Other information:

We prefer not to accept windsuckers or cribbers.



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